This website is dedicated to anyone who wants to explore the beautiful nature of Sudety (Sudetes) mountains in Poland. It is certainly the perfect option for anyone who is looking for a vacation alternative.

Sudety (Sudetes) are the second highest mountain range in Poland. They are located in the south-west region of Poland, in the northern part of Czech Republic and in East Germany. If you want to explore highlands, get to know local culture and taste food in all of these countries, this 300 kilometer long and 70 kilometer wide area is definitely the perfect choice for a holiday.

These mountains are well suited for young people who are looking for long distance hiking trails as well as families with children that are looking for a peaceful rest in the natural environment. It is also an ideal place for mountain cyclists and experienced hikers who appreciate quiet surroundings. Simply speaking, if you love upland scenery you will enjoy every second spent here.

How to get to Sudety?

It depends on your current location. Let us give you a few ideas.



The nearest airport from Sudety (Sudetes) is located in Wrocław just north of the mountains.

It is recommended to check the flights from different Polish airports to Wrocław (Warsaw-Modlin, Katowice and Krakow). Sometimes there are attractive deals offered.

There are 2 options to get to the Wrocław Main Train Station and the Main Bus Station.

Once you exit the terminal, at the airport board, to the right side of the exit, there is a bus stop for the city bus number 406. It goes directly to Dworzec Główny PKP (The Central Train Station). The Main Bus Station is located behind the train station, therefore despite of direction, take this bus.

Tickets can be purchased in a machine on the bus, however it only takes bank cards (cost: 3PLN per adult). If your luggage exceeds 120 centimeters in width, length and depth combined, you are obliged to pay extra fare of 1,50 PLN per piece. The same type of ticket is also required when you travel with pets, skis, bikes, or prams.

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Address of the airport

Port Lotniczy Wrocław S.A.

Graniczna 190

54-530 Wroclaw

Website of The Wroclaw's Airport

An alternative option is to take a taxi available at the entrance to the airport.



Get off the bus at the stop called Dworzec Główny PKP (Central Train Station). The building has been recently renovated, therefore its’ orange colour and the Neo-Gothic style are noticeable from the stop.

Cross the street and enter it through the main entrance. It will take you to the main hall. Here you can buy train tickets, have a meal, and admire the renovated building.

Address of the Train Station

ul. Piłsudskiego 105

50-085 Wroclaw

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The next step of the trip can also be done by bus. After getting off 406, cut through train station into the main hall and then one of the corridors towards Sucha Street . Turn left behind the train station, and the Bus Station (Dworzec Autobusowy) will be on your right.

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This is the temporary Bus stop.

The current Bus Station address

Joannitow Street 13

50-525 Wroclaw