Chojnik Castle

The Chojnik Castle was built by the prince Bolko The Little II in the middle of the XIV century. At first it was a hunting manor. In the 1380, after the prince died his wife gave it to Gotsche Schoff. Since then, his family named Schaffgotsch owned the castle. For nearly 300 years they expanded it to the current size. In 1675 lightning hit the tower and entire building burned down in 8h. Fortunately , Schaffgotsch family was very wealthy and rebuilt it relatively fast. The part that was left out from the fire is a wooden beam which still can be seen over the gate.

The Chojnik Castle is rich in legends and strange tales. The best known is about the daughter of the castellan named Kunegunda. The castellan desired to have a son, but his wife gave a birth to a girl. He was devastated and began drinking heavily while his wife died of despair. The Kunegunda girl tried to be a boy and did everything boys do. She rode a horse, learned to fight and swim. Eventually, the alcoholic castellan collapsed together with his house into the Infernal Valley located behind the castle. At this time Kunegunda was 15. She announced she will marry only a knight who will ride a horse around the tops of the castle walls. She was beautiful and many men tried to do it, but the walls were very narrow and everyone who attempted the feat died. When she was 20 a knight finally came and managed to complete the task. She was very excited about it and ready to marry the man. Nonetheless, he refused saying that he only came to avenge the hapless knights who were killed by her pride. Kunegunda felt so dishonored that she threw herself into the Infernal Valley. The legend says that behind the castle one can still find a recess in stone made by her bottom.

Ruins of Chojnik Castle are located in the district of Jelenia Góra called Sobieszów, just at the edge of the Giant Mountains National Park. It has been made on top of the Chojnik mountain (627m o.s.l.). Major part of the castle still remains and can be admired by tourists.

Many interesting legends and a magnificent landscape that surround the castle, attract visitors so much, it became one of the most common destinations in Lower Silesia.

Ruins are accessible by walk only. Depending on the trail, it takes from 45 minutes up to about 1h. It is a perfect choice for an active afternoon with a bit of history.

Practical information

The object is opened for tourists entire year.

Opening hours

10AM – 4PM from January to March*

10AM – 5PM from April to June

10AM – 6PM from July to August

10AM – 5PM from September to October**

10AM – 4PM from November to December*

*From November until March, the castle is closed on Mondays

** First Monday of September the entry is free of charge

In addition, the castle is closed on January 1st, Easter Sunday and on Christmas.

Please remember, the last visitors can enter the ruins 0,5h before the close at the latest.

Admission fees

Type of the Ticket




6,00 zł


5,00 zł

For retirees, pensioners and disabled


4,00 zł

Pupils and students

On a top of that, due to the fact the Chojnik Castle is located on a territory of the Giant Mountains National Park, every visitor is obligated to pay an admission fee for entry to the National Park. More about the prices can be found under the Safety Tips, “Prices for the entry” section.

Food availability in the castle:

Karczma Chojnik – restaurant in the castle.

Information for family witch children below 3 years old:

Use of stroller will be difficult due to stones and trees’ roots growing over the soil. We suggest using a baby carrier instead.

What season? Recommended all year round.

Starting point: Parking 1

However, there are many choices available. Two of them are listed below.

Parking 1 located in the center of Sobieszów.

Address: Chałubińskiego 29, Jelenia Góra. Four hiking trails are available: black, red, green and blue.

Parking 2 located outside of the town.

Address: Pozdamcze 15A, Zachełmie. Three hiking trails are available: yellow, black and green.

The parking may be paid. Be prepared to have a cash with you (about 10 zł).

The parkings maybe paid. Be prepared to have a cash with you (about 10 zł).


Level of difficulty: Look at the graphs of height and length*


*Please note, although the above map may be considered useful to plan your trip, it is mainly for illustrative purposes as it reflects only approximate locations and distances. However, it is not an accurate map to be used in the mountains. Every tourist should carry the map of hiking trail markers while trekking. More information about it can be found under Safety Tips section

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