Rudawy Janowickie (Janowice Ores)

Rudawy Janowickie is a mountain range located in the Rudawski Park Krajobrazowy (Rudawski Landscape Park) in the western Sudety (Sudetes). The area is 18 kilometres long and covers the area of 90km2. Its highest peak is called Skalnik (Rocky, 945m o.s.l.). From the north, it is surrounded by Dolina Bobru (Bóbr Valley) which is a home to such villages as Janowice Wielkie or Trzcińsko. On the south, there is Dolina Świdnika (Świdnik Valley). The closest towns on the south are Kowary and Kamienna Góra, however, there are many picturesque villages all over the area.

It is a wonderful and peaceful place which lures trekkers, climbers and cyclists.

The area is the perfect strolling location, suitable for people in every age. Most trails lead through the woods where you can hear singing birds and relish the nature. While hiking in Rudawy you can come across colourful lakes, magnitudes of crests and the impressive ruins of Bolczów Castle.

Rudawy Janowickie is a popular place among climbers who often practice their skills in different parts of the region. The rock formations that are found in this area offer various levels of difficulty. The most famous spots are Sokolik Duży (Big Falconet) and Sokolik Mały (Wee Falconet), however, there are many more like Skalny Most (Rocky Bridge), Starościńskie Skały (Starościńskie Rocks), Piec (Stove) and Ścianki (Little Walls).

If you are an enthusiast of mountain biking, many of these places can be reached on two wheels.