Land of Extinct Volcanoes

The Land of Extinct Volcanoes is an area located in The Lower Silesia Region, in the foothills of Kaczawskie Mountains. Its territory stretches between Jawor and Wleń and goes across Wąwóz Myśliborski (Myśliborski Gorge), Sędziszowa, Proboszczów, Grodziec and Złotoryja.

The name defines it perfectly. According to the records, many years ago this area was full of volcanoes. Although currently it is a calm, green and charming landscape, millions years ago, it was a heart of burning lava running down the slopes. An interesting reminder of these old times - which can be spotted very quickly - is the volcanic cone shape of many of the hills. Nowadays, all these places are open to tourists and none of the peaks exceed 500 m.

Due to the geological history the soil is rich in several types of minerals. The most famous is agate. In addition, in the past, large deposits of gold were found underground. Currently we can learn more about it in The Museum of Gold in Złotoryja.

The mild elevations make this area ideal for a family walk or Nordic walking so popular among the seniors. However, the Land of Extinct Volcanoes is not only a trekking place. It is also cluster of many villages and towns connected by quiet asphalt roads. In our opinion this area has a great potential for cyclists.

Below you will find few propositions for a walk or cycling route, but please keep in mind that this area has much more to offer. We hope, that these suggestions will inspire you to discover all others.

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