Ostrzyca Proboszczowska

Ostrzyca Proboszczowska (501m o.s.l.) is an old extinct volcano. The very characteristic cone shape made it the Queen of the Land of Extinct Volcanoes. It is recommended for a walk and picnic. The barbeque situated next to the parking and the roofed tables with benches are waiting there for those who desire to have a meal in these woods. During the weekend, it may be a bit crowded here, if you can, come on a weekday.

What season? Recommended all year round

Starting point: Proboszczów village (zip code 59-516)

Level of difficulty: Look at the graph of height and length.*

*Please note, although the above map may be considered useful to plan your trip, it is mainly for illustrative purposes as it reflects only approximate locations and distances. However, it is not an accurate map to be used in the mountains. Every tourist should carry a map of hiking trail markers while trekking. More information about it can be found under Safety Tips section.

Food availability on the way:

There are no restaurants but a barbecue and fireplace are available for individual use, located next to the parking

Information for family witch children below 3 years old:

The distance from the parking to the stairs leads along a flat road. However, due to over 400 stairs in the second part of the walk, we recommend to taking a baby carrier.

The road to the parking of Ostrzyca is not well marked, however, with these guidelines, it shouldn’t be an issue to reach the starting point. You have to get to Proboszczów village. If you drive from a direction of the Sokołowiec village, reach a church in Proboszczów and turn left behind it. At the beginning the road is paved, but soon becomes gravel. In about 0,5km you will pass by the first parking and drive to another 50m. This way you should get to the well prepared place for the bonfire with the information boards related to the local nature.

Leave the parking and take the only road in the direction of the woods. The first part of the hike passes by the linden alley. Some of these trees have grown here even 150 years. The alley is marked as a yellow trail. Follow these signs until the stone stairs that lead to the top of the mountain. The information board stands by the entry to the steps. According to it, this mountain is also called Śląska Fudżijama (Silesian Fujiyama) because of the characteristic shape similar to the japanese mountain. In fact – based of the geological research – millions years ago, this mountain could have actually been much higher than the Fujiyama.

Ostrzyca was always treated as a mysterious and magical mountain. According to the old records, this place was a pre-Slavic center of a cult of the sun. In times of reformation, the area was inhabited by members of a sect of dissenters. Most of them lived in the city Legnica and neighbouring villages. According to one of the many legends, one day, the devil came to Legnica with a big sack and tried to take everyone to the end of the world but flew too low and the sack ripped on one of the stone peaks, and people fell all over the mountain, beginning settlements in this land.

To get to the peak you have to overcome over 400 of the stone steps. The mountain is made up of basaltic rock and is a home for many types of plant. From 1962 it became a natural reserve called Rezerwat Przyrody Ostrzyca Proboszczowska (Natural Reserve of Ostrzyca Proboszczowska). That means you can only use the marked trails and the stairs, do not go off the path, do not damage the plants and do not replace the stones. In general – leave the area exactly the way you found it.

Currently we protect the local, natural treasure but the old chronicles say that it was already appreciated and protected in XIX century. In 1839 the owner of a nearby property in Proboszczów, built a shelter (inn) halfway to the peak. In the course of time next to the building were arranged benches for the tourists.

By now you should be already at the height of 501m o.s.l., therefore on the stony peak of Ostrzyca.

Sit down and take a moment to reflect the view. If the air is clear you should have a wonderful view on the neighboring villages and hills.

Taking the same way will get you back to the parking area..

Are you ready for a picnic?