Szklarka Waterfall

There are 3 main ways to get to the Szklarka Waterfall, of which this is the easiest one and perfect for seniors and families with children under 3. The well maintained path quickly takes you to the quiet, woody area where the sounds of water splashing in the river are clearly hearable. The fresh air keeps you in a feeling you are far away from the town.

What season? Recommended all year round

Starting point: The parking area is located on the national road no 3 (E65) from Szklarska Poręba to Jelenia Góra

Level of difficulty: Look at the graph of height and length.*

*Please note, although the above map may be considered useful to plan your trip, it is mainly for illustrative purposes as it reflects only approximate locations and distances. However, it is not an accurate map to be used in the mountains. Every tourist should carry a map of hiking trail markers while trekking. More information about it can be found under Safety Tips section.

Food availability on the way:

Kochanówka Shelter - Piechowice

Information for family witch children below 3 years old:

Due to the short distance and paved path, it is possible to take a baby stroller.

Description of the walk

Leave the car at the parking located on a national road no 3 (E65) from Szklarska Poręba to Jelenia Góra. The place can be recognized by the open air market with souvenirs. The entrance is between the souvenir shops. Pass the bridge and queue for a ticket to the enclave of Karkonoski Park Narodowy (Giant Mountains National Park).

The path leads through the Szklarka Gorge. On one side there is a Szklarka River and on the other, a steep slope with many granite stones in a mixed forest. Within about 5 minutes you should arrive at the main attraction. Wodospad Szklarki (Szklarka Waterfall) is situated at the height 520m o.s.l. It is the second longest waterfall in Polish Karkonosze (Giant Mountains) after the Wodospad Kamieńczyka (Kamieńczyka Waterfall). Water drops from the height of 13,3 meters. The metal platform located above the river, is a great viewing area. The building standing next to the waterfall, is the Kochanówka Shelter ( which offers 7 beds, good food, waffles and a regional beer from the oldest brewery in Poland. Because of the limited accommodation, it is important to call before arrival to arrange overnight stays.

If you look at the space between the waterfall and the shelter, in the corner there is a sofa usually occupied by a St. Bernard dog. This charming, large, furry pet is politely waiting to pose for photos with tourists and the Szklarka Waterfall. The gentleman next to him is a photographer who consistently, for last 30 years has worked here by taking pictures of tourists with the dog. It is the perfect souvenir from the waterfall.

Come back the same way to the parking.

As we already mentioned, there are several ways to get to the Szklarka Waterfall. We introduced only the easiest one, however the map of hiking trail markers shows other ways. You can go for a longer walk and get here from the Szklarska Poręba center by following the green markers that lead along Kamienna River or by taking the black trail.

In addition, the blue one is leading from Piechowice, along with Kamienna River, passing by Szklarka Waterfall and ending in the Pod Łapskim Szczytem Shelter. Although the distance is much longer, it is also a great idea for a walk.