The Colorful Lakes

This time we would like to take you to the Rudawski Park Krajobrazowy (Janowice Ores Landscape Park) to see the Colorful Lakes. There are three of them: Purple, Blue and Green. The last one can be seen occasionally, after heavy rains. Each lake is situated at a different height what gives an excellent opportunity of hiking. The final goal is the peak of Wielka Kopa (871m o.s.l.). However, if you feel tired, you can return much earlier, just after seeing the Green Lake.

The colors of the lakes result from the different chemical compounds present in the waters. We will try to explain it a bit later.

What season? To see color of the lakes no snow is required

Starting point: Wieściszowice village

Level of difficulty: Look at the graph of height and length.*

*Please note, although the above map may be considered useful to plan your trip, it is mainly for illustrative purposes as it reflects only approximate locations and distances. However, it is not an accurate map to be used in the mountains. Every tourist should carry the map of hiking trail markers while trekking. More information can be found under the Safety Tips section.

Food availability on the way:

Open air restaurant/grill by the Purple Lake

Information for family witch children below 3 years old:

Use of stroller will be difficult due to the exposed tree’ roots. We suggest to use a baby carrier instead.

Admission fees:

Entry is free of charge.

The parking is chargeable:

Car - 10PLN, Mini bus - 20PLN, Bus - 30PLN

The price is one per vehicle and does not depend on the length of your stay.

Description of the hike

The route starts in the village, so it is recommended to come here by car. There are 4 large, chargeable parking lots available by the entrance.

Find the green hike trail markers. They will lead you from the parking lot to the peak of Wielka Kopa (871m o.s.l.).

The first lake is purple "Purpurowe Jeziorko". It lies at the height of 520m o.s.l.. The dark color and irregular shores make it mysterious. The rich hue is the result of iron and copper present in the water. It is not transparent because it also contains a sulfur. You can smell it if you come closer.

The main tourist infrastructure is arranged around the Purple Lake. There is a open-air restaurant nearby that offers Polish cuisine, hot and cold drinks, ice-cream and beer. The little ones can also enjoy a playground. The whole place is situated in the woods with a unique view on the Purple Lake and the stone formations.

The Yellow Lake "Zółte Jeziorko" is situated at the same height. This one is relatively young as is only 20 years. If you come here after intense rains, you may be lucky and see the yellow colour of the lake.

Find the sign “Błękitne Jeziorko” which directs you to the Blue Lake. The way should lead you along the green trail. After a relatively short walk you should reach the place. Sit down on a bench and be enchanted with the great color of water among the trees. The hue changes depending on the weather conditions, however the copper compounds and the lack of sulfur make it look very clear.

The soil in this area is rich in pyrite. At the beginning of the XVIII century, the inhabitants of the Wieściszowice village (formerly Rohnau) decided to open a pyrite mine. In the XX century the mining ceased and the excavation of rock filled up with a water. Therefore, it is the presence of different compounds in a water make the lakes so beautiful. We can say that the nature rules here again.

Leave the Blue Lake and go to “Zielone Jeziorko” (The Green Lake) located at 730m o.s.l. This one is small and in fact it appears very rarely. It was last seen in 1997 and had an intensive graphite color, therefore sometimes it is called the Black Lake.

Now you can choose the route back. You can either return by using the same way or go further and reach the highest peak of this area called Wielka Kopa (871M o.s.l.) - the 4th highest hill in Janowice Ores. If you decide to trek further, come back to the green trail and continue the walk through the woods. Pay attention when the green trail connects with the yellow trial. Soon after, you will find a stone formation on the right. Get to the top to see a beautiful view on Rudawy Janowickie (Janowice Ores) and take your time to admire the green hills from the distance. Take a few pictures as it is the only view point on the way. Continue the trekking to get to the top of Wielka Kopa. You are very close to the target.

Come back by using the same way. We hope you enjoyed the trek!

Come back when you are ready by using the same way.