Wielisławka (369m o.s.l.) is an old extinct volcano. Millions years ago it was a huge mountain full of hot lava that burned everything around during the eruptions. Nowadays, a beautiful and green area attracts armatures of walking, nature and also ….. treasure hunters. Why? Stay with us. We keep the story for later.

What season? Entire year

Starting point: Sędziszowa Village (zip code 59-540), at the foot of Stone Organ Pipes of Wielisławka

Level of difficulty: Look at the graph of height and length*

*Please note, although the above map may be considered useful to plan your trip, it is mainly for illustrative purposes as it reflects only approximate locations and distances. However, it is not an accurate map to be used in the mountains. Every tourist should carry the map of hiking trail markers while trekking. More information about it can be found under Safety Tips section.

Food availability on the way:

Barbecue and bonfire place available for an individual use, located next to the parking

Information for family witch children below 3 years old:

Please use a baby carrier for your child.

Description of the hike

Our starting point is located at the foot of the mountain, on the front of the stone organ pipes. There are 2 ways to get here by car.

If you drive from Świerzawa, pass by the unused railroad track in Sędziszowa and turn right at the first opportunity. It will take you to the narrow road between the addresses: Złotoryjska Street 15 and 16, Sędziszowa. Drive through the bridge and carry on driving the gravel road which leads to Wielisławka.

If you drive from Złotoryja, drive to the Wielisław Mill (Młyńska 9 Street, Sędziszowa). Drive through the property and turn right behind the bridge. Keep driving the gravel road. It will get you to the starting point.

The Stone Organ Pipes of Wielisławka is a result of a stone-pit functioned here in XIX century. Currently, this place is treated as a natural treasure, and therefore has a status of a "natural monument". That means you can’t climb it as it could damage some of its parts. Despite of that, everyone can have a walk around and to the peak of the mountain. Moreover, you are allowed to make a picnic, barbeque or bonfire just at the foot of the stone organ pipes. You can even camp here! The local activists arranged a stone barbecue and the roofed tables at everybody’s service.

To start a walk to the peak of Wielisławka, stand facing the stone organ pipes. Take the road on your right. Within 5 minutes, at the edge of the woods turn left and start hike uphill. The path should be indicated by yellow hike trail markers. At the beginning, the slope is relatively steep. The road splits twice. Each time keep left. After a while the yellow trail turns right. Keep left to reach the peak.

The line that leads to the top of the hill is an educational path. That explains the presence of the information boards. By now you should be already on a top, facing the board with a title: Szczyt Wielisławki (Peak of Wielisławka). According to it, the oldest signs of residence in this place are dated IX-XII century. The remains of the walls with size 60mx60m are souvenirs of the castle, which existed here between XIII-XV century. Unfortunately, there are no records about it. Probably the castle was owned by the knights-robbers. From the XIX century to 1945, on the top of Wielisławka was a shelter (inn) that offered 20 beds.

On a very top, there is a deep hole. Now is a moment when we would like to come back to the story about the treasure hunters. Between 1944 and 1954 Wrocław was getting ready for the military siege of the city by the Soviets. Money, jewelry, gold and securities owned by residences of the city were stored in 23 boxes and hidden.

According to the findings of many researches, they were moved and stored in a “safe place” and some facts make people thinking it could be on the area of Wielisławka. Number of individuals have already tried their luck. Many holes dug up all over the place are the best proof of their effort. Unfortunately, nothing has been found.

Another board informs about number of hills visible from the viewpoint, located at the end of the path. Go there and take a rest on the bench. In the meantime, try to identify peaks of Kaczawskie Mountains. Be careful while getting to the view point. The slope is steep.

The same way will take you down.

Another short walk leads to the old adit, hidden behind the mill in the woods. Facing the Stone Organ Pipes of Wielisławka, turn left and walk along Kaczawa River. Pass by the dam. Behind it is a narrow brook which in fact is an old millrace. The road ends when the millrace reaches the building when used to was a mill. The mill wheel is still there and can be seen from the little bridge. If you would continue walking straight on, through the woods, behind the mill there is an entry to the old adit. It is not prepared to be visited by tourists but some treasure hunters find it interesting.

Come back the same way.